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Ordering Phonenumber 552-2525

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Dishes from the menu

image 302 image 303 chicken and cashew2 image 305

Deep fried shrimp

with rice

Kr. 2 850 

Meat in Oyster sauce

With rice. Chicken or Pork

Kr. 3 350 

Chicken and Cashew Nuts

Thai style

Kr. 3 450 

 Nam tok

Chicken, beef or Pork

Kr. 3 450 

Customer reviews

image 306 I have a fondness for thai food. Krua Thai has never gone wrong .... never.
Geir Ólafs
Singer / musican
image 307 If you want to try a good, healthy and cheaper food for lunch, I recommend this place.
Agla Björk Róbertsdóttir
Food enthusiast


Best seller

Pad Thai #2

"Without rice the thai way, with chicken or shrimps. "

This dish became Icelands favorite right from the opening of Krua Thai.

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Chef's favorite 

Panang Thai style
"Chicken, beef or pork in panang curry served with rice." 

"Chicken, beef or pork, chopped served with salad and rice."
Course for those who dare....Very hot!